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EDI, or electronic data interchange, provides structured transmission of data between organizations via electronic means. EDI replaces the need to exchange information via fax, email, phone and mail. EDI technology is the primary method of data exchange for many B2B suppliers and major retails. Over 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies are EDI capable.EDI enables suppliers to Connect with large retailers, in order to expand and sell on major online retail channels. 4Psite provides a fully integrated EDI solution with trading partners such as: Overstock.com, Wayfair.com, Amazon Vendor, Lowe’s, Hayneedle and more. Many large retailers require EDI connectivity before partnering with suppliers. 4Psite supports you in complying with EDI requirements to ensure smooth operations. The 4Psite EDI service is provided at a competitive price, to support mid-size and small retailers that are acting as suppliers in this effort to expand.

EDI enables 4Psite connectivity to the Marketplaces – Trading Partners (TP) that require such connectivity to support you as follows:

  • Pull PO’s from the TP
  • Push Ship confirmation info
  • Push Inventory availability
  • And submit invoice to the TP.