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The Customer Relations Management (CRM) provided by 4PSite enables you to communicate effectively with your customers and allows automated aspects of the sale cycle to decrease manual efforts and increase productivity.


4Psite’s CRM System establishes long-term customer relationships by providing:

  • Easy to navigate database that tracks orders, notes, messages, payments, and return history.
  • Notes and reminders to be added to orders
  • Role assignment that allows owners to give permission to parts of the site and permits specific capabilities
  • Reports on backorders, unshipped orders, emails sent to customers through 4Psite, and many more
  • Email customers directly from their order using editable templates and emails
  • A batch emailing option and the ability to notify customers on backorders direct to customers
  • A holistic view of each order including messages, invoices, and tracking information
  • Free, instant, on your website, portal for customers to check their order status
  • Customer can track her/his orders’ history and can re-order from the customer portal
  • Internal notes per customer or order that can be added and shared by your team
  • 4Psite built-in CRM is also integrated with Salesforce

The advantages of 4PSite are numerous. Our CRM System:

  • Provides an overview of customers profiles to increase customer service relations for all your stores and channels in one location
  • Allows clearer and more concise organization for customer needs
  • Offers direct communication with customers
  • Improved customer satisfaction due to faster response time and automatic updates
  • Collected data can be used for more successful marketing campaigns
  • Smoother transactions through better internal communication